Parents REFUSED Right to Hand Out Flyers About Cell Tower Project; Parents BARRED from PTO Meeting B

School administration/SSE PTO in collusion to suppress parents’ rights

Shady Side, MD September 28, 2017: School administration and SSE PTO are actively employing discriminatory tactics, engaging in actions that suppress parent involvement, PTO membership and the free-flow of information.

School administration and SSE PTO have called police to remove parents who oppose the cell tower project from school property TWO times in the month of September.

• 9/6/17: School administration called police to remove a group of parents who volunteered to stand outside school, sharing informational flyers about the cell tower project with other families at Shady Side’s Back to School Night.

• 9/21/17: School administration/SSE PTO called police to remove a group of parents wishing to join and attend the PTO meeting. The group was denied entry because they oppose the cell tower. This group included 2 parents, 1 grandparent and 1 godparent who have children that currently attend Shady Side, as well as a handful of parents, grandparents and guardians who live nearby that will have children attend the school next year and subsequent years.

School administration and SSE PTO state they are not part of any decision-making process and contend they are neutral about the cell tower project; however, their silence equates to support. And their recent actions to prevent/block open discussions, the dissemination of information and parent participation runs counter to any of their claims.

Parents concerned about the cell tower project have sent repeated requests to join the PTO, receive the PTO by-laws, and to have the cell tower project added to the upcoming PTO agenda. These emails have not been answered. Parents have also requested that information about the cell tower project be sent home with students. School administration has refused.