Press Release AACPS Calls Parents’ Concerns Regarding Cell Tower Project A Distraction - AACPS Puts

Shady Side, MD October 2, 2017: AACPS Regional Assistant Superintendent Raymond E. Bibeault dismisses parents’ concerns regarding TWO police-involved incidents, which took place at Shady Side Elementary in September.

School administration and SSE PTO called police to remove parents who opposed the cell tower project from school property TWO times the first month of school. On September 6th, the school called police to remove parents passing out informational flyers about the cell tower project at Shady Side’s Back to School Night. And on September 21st, the school/SSE PTO called police to remove parents wishing to join and attend the PTO meeting. The group was denied entry because they oppose the cell tower.

On October 1, 2017, Mr. Bibeault responded via email to a parent:

- "The willingness of community members to volunteer and support the school should not obligate Mr. Casey or the PTO to entertaining the continued distractions of the cell tower debate."

- "I appreciate the emotionality of this issue but I will continue to support the school’s decision to not enter into this discussion and to remove those from the school who choose to try to change the conversation at PTO or other meetings away from issue controlled by the school."

This is a health and wellness issue, not a distraction. Furthermore, parents are entitled to know what is occurring at the school. Today it's cell towers - tomorrow it could be a pedophile. A school should not be able to ignore an issue or refuse to address a concern, simply because there is opposition.

Parents have requested that written information about these recent police-involved incidents and information about the cell tower project be sent home with students. School administration has refused.