Shady Side, MD

No Towers Near our Children

Keep Our Kids Safe 

School board member Melissa Ellis staying true to her campaign promises, and standing up to protect students, May 20, 2020. NO CELL TOWERS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY

Anne Arundel County Board of Education Votes to PAUSE work on Shady Side Elementary School Cell Tower until further direction from the Board!

Concerned Parent speaks out to the School Board against the proposed Cell Tower at Cheseapeake High School

Shady Side Resident asks School Board to look into Process, Transparency, and Honesty in dealing with Milestone.

Shady Side Teen asks School Board why their vote to halt the Cell Tower was ignored by School Administrators

Who we are

We are a group of concerned parents and community members who are opposed to cell phone tower being proposed on Shady Side Elementary School. As a community we want our voices to be heard.  We are committed to do our part in making our school safe for our children. We want to bring our community together  and let them be informed.

Shady Side Community Testifies at BOE to Stop the Cell Tower at Shady Side Elementary School

Parents against Cell Tower blocked from PTO. Will BOE help? 11/1/17

Grandmother Testifies at BOE meeting about being locked out of PTO meeting 11/ 1/ 17

Shady Side Parent, Linda Nguyen, BOE meeting Testimony 11/ 1/ 17

Grandmother and Retired teacher sounds a warning to protect our children from Cell Tower Radiation 11/ 1/ 17

Shady Side parent Speaks out to hold BOE accountable, no Cell towers at schools 11/ 1/ 17

Letter to BOE from Mother fighting Brain Cancer- please protect our children's brains from radiation 11/ 1/ 17

Randye Williams BOE meeting Testimony 11/ 1/ 17

Shady Side Mother ask the Board to stop the cell tower proposed at the Elementary School 11/ 1/ 17

Letter to AAC Board of Education from the Director of the Institute for Health and Environment recommends to keep cell towers away from Elementary Schools 11/1/17

Mike Shay Testimony/ Parents Locked out of PTO Meeting- Anne Arundel County School Board 10/18/2017

VK Testimony - Anne Arundel County School Board 10/18/2017

Harvard Doctor recommends against cell towers at school: Mother reads letter


Parents, community members, and experts speak out

Shady Side Elementary Parents Blocked From Attending PTO Meeting To Talk About Cell Tower

Dianne Kube AACPS cell tower

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Credible Evidence That Cell Towers on Schools is Harmful Exists" Testimony to Public School District

Grandmother and Retired School Teacher Opposes Milestone Cell Tower on Elementary School: Testimony AACPS

Child Testifies Against Milestone School Cell Tower

Opposition To Cell Tower at School: Child Testifies to AACPS School Board

Taxpayer money should go for Safe Schools- not cell towers : Testimony to AACPS school Board

5 Reasons To Stop The Shady Side Elementary School Proposed Cell Tower

Shame on the school board and elected officials who take company money

VK Testimony - Anne Arundel County School Board 10/18/2017

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